Taste the true essence of Hawaii with Hawaiian Plantations’ high-quality jams and jellies. Our authentic Hawaiian fruits and Kama’aina recipes have been crafted to perfection, capturing the exotic flavors from the paradise island like no other. Try our tropical jams and jellies today and indulge in a taste of Hawaiian heaven.


Guavas are lemon look-alikes with a hidden secret. Inside a guava is a gorgeous rosy-pink fruit dripping with zesty flavor and ripe in food value. West Indian in origin, guavas migrated to early Hawaii with roving seafarers. Now their spirited essence is tamed in our island gourmet delights such as Hawaiian Plantations Guava Jam and Guava-Strawberry Jam.


Mangoes come in all sizes and kinds. But the plump, golden-ripe, smooth-textured Haden and Piris are Hawaii’s favorites. No other mango in the world has their luscious flavor. Naturally sugar-rich, they make Hawaiian Plantations Mango Jam simply delicious.

Passion Fruit or Lilikoi

In Hawaii Passion Fruit is called Lilikoi for the district on Maui where the first trees were planted a century ago. This fine citrus fruit is delightful when combined with other fruits or on its own in our Hawaiian Plantations Lilikoi (Passion Fruit) Jelly

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